Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Philanthropy as a Social Investment

When we think of the word "philanthropy" it's natural to associate it with "charity" - and that it is!  BUT, it is much more!

Whether one's philanthropy is expressed in small measure or in a large amount, the principle is the same.  A $100 donation to a local men's homeless shelter is no different a social investment than a $100,000 contribution to your alma mater to fund an endowed scholarship for worthy and exceptional students. While the amounts are very different, their intent is the same --a SOCIAL INVESTMENT.

When we speak of  making a "social investment" we mean that we are making a financial commitment to an endeavor that is intended to make a difference of some kind  -- be it in individuals, in a community or in an organization whose mission is to make a difference.  Making a difference is what it's all about!

So, the next time you think of making a contribution to a charitable cause, remember you are practicing SOCIAL INVESTMENT!

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